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A Portland Co-op with

Involved Parents,
Caring Staff,
and Happy Kids


NCCDC is a Parent Cooperative. From the Board of Directors to classroom shifts to snack shopping, parents are involved in every aspect of our program.

Each family commits to volunteering regularly in the community. Families are expected to contribute between four and eight hours of volunteer time per month, based on the number of days they are enrolled. Most families will fulfill this obligation through two hour shifts in their child's classroom. Some parents choose to reduce their in-classroom obligation through community jobs such as serving on our Board of Directors, doing classroom laundry, shopping for snacks or making playdough and flubber.

As a shift parent you become familiar with your child's learning environment, get to know the teachers, and have a window onto your child's peer relationships. Parents are a vital part of the classroom, providing additional ears to listen to our children's stories, additional laps for reading books out loud and additional hands for setting the snack table.

We welcome and encourage parents to share their skills and interests with the children. Our parents have organized Spanish lessons, given rickshaw rides during outdoor play, taught yoga and brought in authors to read their books. The possibilities are endless.

In addition to involvement in the classroom, families are also required to participate in the governance and operations of NCCDC through attendance at biannual membership meetings, and through their support of our fundraising efforts.


We are located in the heart of the historic Irvington neighborhood at:
1624 NE Hancock Street, Portland, OR 97212

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